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In the UK, weddings can be wet. Weddings can also be expensive. That’s why we exist! Jollybrolly was founded in 2005, borne from these two facts. Simple ideas, but oh such important aspects of any brides day. 



The Jolly Brolly way - Guest blog 
July 13, 2015
Published by:
Alison Hall 
Simple chiffon - perfect for weddings abroad



The Jollybrolly Way


At Jollybrollly we believe in quality on a budget – umbrellas can be a somewhat sporadic cost, and there aren’t really any major vendors out there, no Tesco’s or H&M equivalents. That’s the void we fill. If you want to splash out on our side you can, but we’re all about saving you those pennies too, operating at both ends of the scale.


We’ve got hundreds of different colours and styles of wedding, kids, golf and event umbrellas on offer and since our humble beginnings we’ve sold a gargantuan amount – over half a million if you can believe it! We’re also proud to have contributed umbrellas to The Goodwood Festival of Speed, Cliff Richard Concerts, Heathrow Airport, Donington Race Course and Buckingham Palace.


What we’re most proud of however, is the 5,000 brides we’ve helped stay dry on their big day.

Jollybrolly – 5,000, British weather - nil!







1. Classic with a hint of monochrome:


There’s no reason in particular we recommend this – we’re just big fans of it. The shape is beautiful and will create a gorgeous frame for your wedding photos. In fact, in addition to being wet weather insurance for your big day, we believe umbrellas – in the wet or dry – make for fabulous wedding pictures, creating a wonderful silhouette to perfectly portray that romantic moment and cement it forever in your photo album.



2. Delicious juxtaposition with hot pink:


Some of the most incredible wedding photos we’ve seen over the years use wedding umbrellas to add a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral scene. Four or five bright pink umbrellas juxtaposed with the white wedding dress and neutral bridesmaids dresses for example can look simply stunning.





3. Dare to DIY

Our selection is big, but a lot of our brides simply order a plain Jollybrolly umbrella which we then brand bespoke for their special day. Umbrellas with the date printed on them can make for awesome cost-effective wedding favours as well as protecting the lovely bride, groom and guests from the delights of the British weather.


*With thanks to Alison for letting us contribute to her site.



See Jolly brolly's full collection here




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Only The Best of Times for our Brides


A wedding is such a magical time, we often get excited ourselves sat in the office despite the fact we’re not attending! The vibe surrounding a wedding is infectious, and we believe it showcases elements of human nature at their best. We love a good wedding.





But what wedding umbrella do we recommend? Well, you can see our selection on our page here but I’ve listed some of our personal favourites.