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Getting married abroad


Having wedding dress worries?



Thinking of saying ‘I DO’ abroad on a tropical beach or at a romantic castle perched on a lakeside somewhere in Europe where the rainfall won’t spoil your day?

Many couples now choose to marry abroad and the first question on most brides minds is WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THE DRESS?


I hear this often and after speaking with many brides recently at Thompson Holiday supermarket in Huddersfield I realised most brides do worry a hell of a lot about their dress & if it will be OK on a flight…


Basically the answer is a big fat YES! But the flight isn’t all you newly engaged ladies seem to fluster about. Lets hope this will clear things up a little & stop any unnecessary worrying …



Getting it there?

Think of all your belongings you trundle across the globe on your annual summer holiday. Guess what, your wedding dress can also travel just as far as you wish to take it too.

There are various ways of ‘carrying’ your dress whether it be in a bridal carrier or a flight box and guess what? Every year brides travel with their dress and all is well, so panic over phew!


By Car

Packaged in a bridal carrier & simple give your dress plenty of space. If possible lay your passenger seat & rear seat down so your dress can lay from front to back in the car.


Check with your airline about baggage allowance & sizes. Your dress can be packed in acid free tissue snuggly in a flight box which can be either be kept with you as hand luggage or If you wish your dress to have a little more room then a larger flight box can be checked in & travel with your suitcase.



Can I still have a big dress?

The answer is – You can have whatever dress you want, it’s your big day.

There are implications with large full ball gown style dresses, such as you will be warm or it may be extra baggage cost to transport such a large dress BUT this doesn’t mean you can’t have the dress you’ve always wanted. Prioritise what is most important you after all you are THE BRIDE.

If the style of dress over rides function & comfort then go for it!


Hot country?

Before you even start dress shopping think about this

What is most important?

- Looking & feeling amazing yet simple & climate appropriate

- Wearing the dress I love & not compromising

- Feeling cool & not over heating

- Feeling like you are wearing a ‘wedding dress’


If you opt for a climate appropriate dress then look at styles with less oomph in the skirt. Chiffon styles are perfect & light weight for hot countries. Choose a simple silhouette but make up for it with details & embellishments so you feel like your wearing a wedding dress.

If you’re happy to go short than a cute tea length or short dress will be very cool in the sun.



Beach wedding?

How amazing will it be to say your vows on a sunny beach? Yes this will be heaven and you’ll look every part the bride on a sand filled beach. However the actual SAND part may be worrying you a little.

If this is the case

- Look for no train dresses

- Detachable train dresses

- Puddle train dresses (in other words an oh so tiny train)



Wearing it again for your reception back home?

Find a local wedding dress cleaner & talk to them about timescales for wedding dress cleaning.

Explain your situation & if you can pre book a slot so it will be back asap. Organise a bridesmaid to take care of dropping your dress off & collecting it ready for the second best day of your life.



Minimizing creases while transporting?

Be delicate.

Always give your dress lots of space & never fold the bridal carrier to transport the dress.

Keep the dress hung or laid flat. Once at the final destination hang the coat hanger on a high suitable point (usually a curtain rail or high wardrobe) let the train down to flow freely and stand back to admire Ta Da!


Here are some ideas & styles Enjoy x


Getting married abroad - dress worries 
May 12, 2015
Published by:
Alison Hall 
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Simple chiffon - perfect for weddings abroad
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