Plans in place, you've carefully handpicked your bridesmaids and selected only the very best helpers for your big day, then all of a sudden finding your bridesmaids dresses is akin to finding the holy grail arrggghhhhh! 


Don't worry you are certainly not alone and yes other brides find themselves in the same situation. A balancing act between what you envisaged them wearing and what they actually want & feel comfortable in, multiply this with colour & sizes and you have one tricky situation.


Meet a new style of bridesmaid that can be worn in many ways and can therefor suit many at once



Alexia designs bridesmaid style 4186


Veil lengths

Multiways bridesmaid dress 

December 17, 2014
Published by:
Alison Hall 

Bridesmaid style 4186 by Alexia designs is a chiffon gown with a with a twisted bodice detail. Available to order in

  • any size 4 - 30
  • your choice of colour option



Strapless or with full shoulders are just a couple of options......

The 2 chiffon fabric panels that drape from the back of the waist can create many looks with this one dress. Drape, wrap or tie the panels through the twisted waist & viola.


This is great news for groups of bridesmaids who can not decide on 1 specific style.


Ta da! = have all the styles and still wear the same dress 


The options are endless....



So these 2 beauties arrived recently and they look pretty regular on the hanger but just wait till you see what they can do......




Strapless with front drapes 

Strapless with front & side drapes 

Thank You!

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Strapless with shawl 

Tied halter neck

One strap tucked with front drape

One full shoulder tucked with front drape

Straps tucked with front drape

Full shoulders tucked with front drape

Spaghetti straps

Shawl tied at back

Shawl tied at front

Now all is left to do is pick your colour......

Just a few colour options then ....