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Pets at weddings?

Name your closest family members, the ones you see every single day?
Did you include your pet in that?

A dog, cat or any other furry friend are often the ones who greet us every morning & make the last contact with us on a night & some would agree that this trumps a friend whom we meet up with 2 or 3 times a year? 
Some pets particularly dogs can read emotions which makes for a strong connection & bond between human & animal so why wouldn’t you want these special animals you see more than most friends at your wedding. 

How adorable to see a dog wearing matching florals and on their best behaviour. 
There are many ways to dress up a pet to suit you wedding theme 

- Flowers 
A corsage added to a collar or a floral crown for the head or neck
- Attire
A mini suit or dress that are purpose made for pets 
- Animal bling
Bling & sparkle are not a new concept for pets & turning up the sparkle for the big day will certainly add a bit more glam for your pampered pet.

Which ever you choose be sure to check your pet won't be irritated or restricted by such additions. Comfort is key and the best way to atchieve a smooth day for you and your pet.

Agree or not this is becoming a growing trend and you may even have been to a wedding recently with an extra special furry guest. 

Dogs at weddings blog 008 Alison Jane Bridal

Having a pet at your wedding might sound silly, as Lassie might not understand the ceremony proceedings but the fact you & your partner know they are there makes it special. Looking back at your wedding photos & knowing they took a small part in your big day & didn’t miss out is memorable.

Here are ideas for integrating your pet

- Including your pet on save the date or invitations.

- Holding cute wedding signs on the day saying bride & groom or wedding this way.

- Photo’s with your pet at a pre shoot or on the day with just the three of you

- An extra bridesmaid or groomsman

Make sure you consider a pet sitter to look after them, after all you will be very busy & pulling out a doggy poo bag on your big day might not be the best idea.
The venue must be aware & ok with pets being in the building & the oustside areas. Check the venue policy and where you can and can't venture with your pet on the day.

Think about your pets personality and if they can manage with lots of attention & people. An angry or aggitated animal is never going to go smoothly especially when you have lots of guests all clicking away catching photo's.

Preperation for the pet will also be important, cleaning & grooming with fresh attire is only fair considering everyone else will be in their best outfits.

Here is some super cute inspiration for dog lovers and also check out Pinterest for even more adorable ideas for your pets

Enjoy pet lovers x

Matching bouquet and doggy floral collar 
Bouquet and dog collar corsage. Dogs at weddings blog 008

Image - wedding photographer A Bryon Photo.

doggy bridal corsage. Dogs at weddings blog 008
Floral corsage 

Image - wedding photographer Christopher David Photography

Image - wedding photographer Christopher David Photography

Subtle addition to pre wedding shoot 
Image - wedding photographer Suzie Webster 
save the date & doggy. Dogs at weddings blog 008
Save the date
Save the date
save the date inc doggy. dogs at weddings blog 008
Image - wedding photographer Suzie Webster 
Will you marry me?
Dog proposal. Dogs at weddings blog 008
Image - wedding photographer Suzie Webster 
Dog included in the bridal party dogs at weddings blog 008.
Watching the bride get ready
Image - wedding photographer Image-I-Nation
In and around the venue
Bridal pooch wedding party. Dogs at weddings blog 008
Image - wedding photographer Image-I-Nation
Pets at weddings?
July 31, 2014
Published by:
Alison Hall